Dennis Cound

I was born in 1967 in Montreal and moved with my family to Vancouver at the age of 4. Throughout my childhood, my interests in art grew under the influence of local native art as well as my father and uncle’s oil landscapes and portraits.

The mediums I currently work with are soapstone and antler (moose, elk, deer). There are many local deposits of beautiful stone, but my preference lies in Brazilian as it has varying harnesses that hold detail well without fracturing and the colours range from brown, grey to green, teal and azure.

Each carving isn’t completed until it has been sanded 7 times for the desired smoothness, then heated to a point where tung oil or minwax can be applied. This finish is drawn into the stone and produces sheen as well as protection. Antler, on the other hand, is far too dense and requires power tools for creation. I am currently exploring abstract and free forms aside from Canadian wildlife.

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