"Frosted Leaves are designed and hand finished by Wanda in Smithers, BC, Canada.

Our leaves and cones are hand-picked in North American forests for their size, shape and quality. Dried and delicately filigreed until they are lacy, they are then coated with copper to make them strong and to protect their matchless veining patterns. Skilled artisans carefully electroplate each coppered leaf with 24 karat Gold, Fine Silver or Burnished Copper to give them their elegant frosted finish.

Frosted leaves are made with real Aspen leaves, Birch leaves, Japanese Maple leaves, Oak leaves,  Sugar Maple leaves, and  Alder cones. The skeleton of the real leaf or cone is still inside each one! They appear delicate and fragile, but they are much tougher than they look. Each one has been coated in several layers of metal to make them strong. But even with their layers, they are light as a feather.  Only the Alder cones have a very slight weight to them, so your ear lobes will never tire of wearing Frosted Leaves. As unique as every other item found in nature, each Frosted Leaf is a one-of-a-kind that delights the eye…just like the person it belongs to!"

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